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Engrish in Japan

Engrish in Japan

I cannot believe that there are really that many of you subscribed to my blog. Some of you must be robots. Haha!

Yes, the blog bugs are all fixed. Some people have subscribed and have not been able to get their notifications.

If you are not getting your notifications of when I post please email me via the contact page. 

Overall things should be better for us going forward. So yes, the blog looks the same but there was some stuff behind the scenes that was driving me nuts. I also added a few pages. I am going to reopen my etsy shop next month. Now I can focus on communicating with you guys and showing you more of what goes on here in Japan.

You may be interested to know that we got the news about Rachel Dolezal and the news about the Confederate Flag. Basically if it makes it to CNN we will know about it. It’s funny though….the people that I have encountered don’t really talk about politics. It could be my language skills at this point, but overall I have not met too many people that go into deep thought about what goes on in or outside of the country. I wonder if people in the city discuss these things. In NYC I could walk up to any stranger in a bar and most of them would tell you right away that they don’t like this or that politician. Many people would wear their beliefs on their sleeve….. literally. I cannot imagine what is going on right now in NYC with this news that has hit the Pride community about Gay marriage. Me….I try to mind my business and stay over here. I want people to be happy, and I don’t want anyone to hurt anyone else. So it’s safe to say that if you are a bad boy or a bad girl I don’t wanna be your friend.

I am working on my stuff and taking care of these babies. Start your week off right and do what you set out to do this year. Tonight I am going to start my exercise routine. I wanted to wait until MoMo got a little bigger before I started dieting and exercising. She was born kinda small and I was worried, but she is healthy and growing so now I am going to get serious. I am a blob. Well….not really, but I am not wearing my size 4 clothes yet. Is it important to me? Yes, I am very vain and I would not feel happy if I allowed myself to just sit up in here eating Mr. Donut like there was no tomorrow. Also, I have found that my energy is so low lately from just eating everything in sight. When I am thin I eat well, when I eat well I am thin, get it?

If you follow me in instagram you will see that I post my lunches from time to time. I will do so more now that I am getting it together. @smartalecky

It might be a good idea for you to head over there so you can see what I eat. I think so many assume that we are eating sushi everyday in Japan, but that is not true. Sushi is only about 100 years old and I even have a Japanese friend who does not like sushi.

Alright guys, 6 months down, it is time to stop playing with 2015 if you need to get something done make this week it!

My boys worked me out this weekend. I was kinda down to be honest. It can be overwhelming to have 3 babies crying and be the only adult around for hours. We made it through though. I guess that is the takeaway. “Trouble don’t last always.” LOL

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