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Making my rounds

This spring I am going to channel hop with other expats here in Japan, as well as some visiting this year. Please subscribe to my channel and theirs for more videos. Hope you enjoy!

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How I got married to a Japanese man

So many people ask me about how IĀ got married to a Japanese man. I was recently interviewed by Baye and revealed my unedited story of how I met and married My Honey! Here is my craziness full-blown, talking with Baye … Continue reading

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Top 5 ways to spend Rainy Season in Japan

Unless you are from Seattle, rainy season can be a downer. It is my third time this year and since I know it’s coming it seems to be more of a pain. I have developed some activities to keep me … Continue reading

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An Authentic Life

  So I just interviewed someone special for a project that I have going on. I will reveal who sometime later. It is always so good to speak to positive people, and if possible really helpful if they are older … Continue reading

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