Fall Updates


After Field Day

After Field Day

Been a while. As always. Hopefully once I get my car I will have a more normal life and will be able to better plan my time.

So let that be the first update. I am finally getting my license. When you have small children and no transportation other than your husband who works 12 plus hours a day you have to move in slow motion. My road test is November 12th.

Baby #3 is due March 24th. I recently had an ultrasound and it looks like a girl!

My 3 year old is in a nice school and he just had his first field day. It was so much fun, but lengthy. Even the parents had a chance to participate. A really nice day of family fun.

I got a job opportunity helping out a friend at an English school. It is just a few hours, but it will give me a chance to get back to circulating amongst humans.

My Entire YouTube and Blog will be in the process of redesign. It is time to get serious. You guys are faithful and deserve a lot more. It is costing me. You better like it!LOL

My 1.5 year old is talking a lot more everyday. He has produced a word sentence and can describe what he wants in his language most of the time.

The farming is going well. Dad is starting to show me more and more every time he goes in the field. My dream is to have 80% of our produce come from the land. There is bad news though….looks like some of the orange trees have died and dad is in denial. Hopefully it is not too serious in terms of a disease that can spread.

Grandfather passed, he was 95. More on that later. I MUST tell you about this 2 month funeral.

Hugs to all you out there enjoying fall. Kisses to all of you out there enjoying spring.

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