Fruit Costs in Japan


In my area of Japan fruit is expensive. I have to think that way because I want to believe that.LOL Just put the prices seen in the pictures in your currency of choice and prepare to be shocked and amazed! Currently one apple priced at is ¥158.00 = $1.55

At first I was thinking that fruit out of season would be expensive, but nah….it is always expensive. Everything is expensive here because it is imported. So just think, if it is not made here, it is gonna cost you.

I went to the city the other day for some western goodies. Well now, a product that I would buy in America for about $13.00 magically became damn near $20.00. I just wanted to cry. But the reality is that your basic cost of living is low outside of the city, so you can(in theory) enjoy lots of Western stuff without it hurting your pockets.

Online shopping has been a good option for me, but the shipping may get you depending on what you get. Totally love right now! They need to contact me for an endorsement because I am in love. It only costs me about ¥400 to get decent sized shipment and it comes in a week. You gotta love it. Right now I am trying to get my hands on Western bedding and yarn. Feel free to leave suggestions. I dragged as much as I could from America, and lord knows I don’t NEED anything, but once the holidays come around I may want some more goodies.

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