Getting into the Spirit

So, I am preparing to upload my Maternity Clothing videos and I started Crocheting!

crochet baby beanie

My First Crocheted Hat!

This is my first project. It came out nicely I think. Never mind the fact that is was supposed to be big enough for my one year old son. I decided to try a hat since I could not find his this morning. It started off slowly but then my knots actually started to look like something.

Crochet Practice Hat

Two Practice Strips Before a Try

I kept going even though the hat was turning out smaller than I thought.

Now I will go back and see what I did wrong and make a hat for my 1 year old. This one will be for my newborn baby due in April.

It is amazing what you can focus on when there is less foolishness going on. When I was pregnant with my first son I have to be honest. I sat around after work watching reality TV shows. I watched them right until my husband came home about 11pm. Shameful!

I had to tell myself it was ok because I had worked that day, but looking back I am annoyed at how much time I wasted on that mess. So now I study Japanese, Crochet, and take care of my 1 year old son. It is starting to get really cold, but I hope I can get in a few more days of walking with my son around the neighborhood. I really enjoy walking and being from NYC it is in my genetics.

I am so excited about my new, or rather, developing skill. Crochet has always been on my list. I guess now this baby has me focused enough to actually create something. If things go well I would like to make gifts for my 3 other cousins pregnant in Japan and if things go really really well I would like to make gifts for my 4 cousins pregnant in America.

Ah. Babies, Babies, Babies.

Be Well.

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