I passed my test!

Gotta be the shoes

Hi Guys!

Wanted to pop in and let you know I did it!

I passed my road test to get a Japanese Driver’s License. Thank Goodness it only took me 3 tries and not the dreaded 5-7+ that I had heard about.

It was a strange day that I passed too. Starting with my shoe situation. In my haste, I ran out of the house in Ugg style boots. My husband gets to the driving center and looks down at my feet. “You can’t drive in those boots.” I damn near lost my mind.

His suggestion was to borrow his beat up shoes which are 2-3 sizes too big. But with no choice I put them on, pulled the laces as tight as I could and I drove that damn test car like a boss. I was so confident, when I finished the test I said out loud, “They have to give it to me today! I did it perfect.” All the others waiting for their turn cheered and it sent positive vibes throughout the testing center! I was so happy even though I had not gotten approved yet. I was proud of myself, regardless of what the outcome of the day might be. A couple others got theirs that day too.

I must make a video about this day, so sit tight for more details in the video. Sending love and thanks to all who cheered me on. I did it, before baby arrived and I have already driven myself out of this small town a few times.

Be Well.

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