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So, many people are ranting and raving about products they love or hate on these social media platforms. Many people will put a disclaimer before their actual thoughts to inform the reader of whether or not they were paid to write this,that and the other about a product. So I guess I will put mine before my actual “review”, here it is; Whether a company offers me $1 or $1,000,000; know that I will never say that I like something that I don’t. I live in abundance and never need to compromise my morals or values. There!

insect repellent

Mushi bye bye!

So these things are awesome! They are insect repellent stickers. I have only seen them in Japan and I love them. You just stick one on your clothes and it keeps the bugs aka mushi away for 4-6 hours. The Cars ones in the picture are 3.5cm in diameter and you get 24 in the pack. I forgot how much I paid(I know some review) but they were definitely not more than ¬•500. They do have a strong smell when you first open the pack but it dissipates. The best thing is that yes, they do work and if you need to you can stick more than one on your clothes. I have not found them to damage my clothes, but then again I am not stepping out in silk and linen either. Be cautious of that. The texture of the stickers varies. The Cars stickers feel like a cotton weave whereas the Pokemon stickers feel closer to a band-aid. You also have the luxury of always being able to carry them with you, they’re¬†lightweight and will make it past TSA.

kid safe insect repellent

The stickers are 3.5cm diameter

The really cool thing is that they come in all of these cute little characters. There are Disney ones, I also have Pokemon and some other generic characters.


Pokemon ones are smaller

The irony is the first place I thought of was Disney when I bought these. When taking the kids to Disney, the last thing you want to deal with is a can of bug spray, but you totally need it. That and sunscreen. I am still on the lookout for something I like for sunscreen. So far I cannot deal with all of these chemical lotions I find. I try to keep the kids in a sun hat and a light coat of coconut oil.

The first time I saw these was a year and a half ago, so it seems that they last just the season once you open the package. If you are interested in buying them in bulk or stocking up during a sale you might want to research how long they keep. This is the website listed on the Cars package.

They come in a foil package so you probably have a few months, but once you open the package I doubt it. I’ve also noticed that they are not available in the winter, so I have to keep that in mind if we are going to vacation in a warmer climate during the winter months here. Sometimes I wish I could open a little store to make all of this stuff available to you guys in America. I guess I could on eBay, if it is legal to resell this stuff. Not sure if it would make it past customs though. Anyway, I am enjoying the little things Japan has to offer in the way of cosmetics. I would like to do some more reviews and giveaways. Still working on it.

You guys have an awesome weekend.

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