Leaving Nabe behind for Spring


Nabe Pot (Japanese One Pot Dish)

Even though the weather is still a bit chilly it seems that nabe season is over. Nabe or Nabemono is basically a big pot of soup that is served in a clay pot that stays hot after it is taken off of the fire. It stays in the middle of the table and you dish out soup until it is all gone. In Japanese tradition it is considered a loving way to eat with family or friends. I love to eat these hearty soups all season long. My Honey makes them really good with spice and lots of vegetables. Usually this is our Sunday meal together and we watch a movie at home.

Netflix is amazing! We get to watch a lot of entertaining movies and I get to dive into the large assortment of documentaries available. Recently we just figured out how to get the movies to show on our TV instead of watching them from the computer. This was a big accomplishment since neither of us have had time to tinker with all of the electronics that we have in the house. I am not a big tech person by any means so to get this done was a real victory for us.

I am not a big movie person, at least I don’t like going to the movies. I hate to think about what was or who was in that seat before I got there. If you are hoping to meet me, trust me, you won’t run into me coming out of a movie theater.

A new season is upon us and I am so excited that it includes My Baby. My Honey and I are so excited. It is like we get to experience the world in a new way because of Baby. Next winter we will have three around the nabe pot, what a joy!

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