My Birthday!!!

Yes, today is my birthday.

Pregnant woman

Pregnant on my Birthday!

In Japan I am a day earlier than those of you in the U.S.

I am 36!

Funny, I had no idea that I would be living this life. When I first became a young woman I was grooming myself to be some big shot at a prestigious company with a husband equally successful if not more so. I was thinking that he would be a black man, handsome and cool. I would be living the American Dream in chocolate. I also figured that I would be living in a suburb somewhere shopping my butt off, traveling, and doting on my 2 kids and dog.

My… how far that is from my reality.

As I continued to grow and learn about other cultures and travel I learned that the life I was planning would be boring to me. Not only that, but it was a life that I did not believe in or could even do once I left  my 20s.  I discovered that working is not for me and that I’d better start my own business or become a housewife quick. Luckily for me both happened.

I also learned that a life of excess in the states is great, but that is not the only experience that I want to have. Well, I am getting what I asked for. Winter in Japan kicked my butt!! The good news is that when I become an old woman I have stories to share.

I have no idea what we will do from here. Now that I have a family I usually refer to my life as we. We have been in Japan officially 1 year in April and we are thinking about how long we will stay in my husband’s home town. Perhaps we will leave his town. Perhaps we will come back to America. Who knows.

The great thing is that I am here, and every day I have a chance to decide what I want my life to be. I hope all you guys have a great day. I already am.



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