Planning Summer Vacation


summer yukata

Summer Matsuri Yukata

Are you ready? Summer is only a few weeks away.

If you are like me and have 3 kids under 5 years old you’d better have a plan. That is, if you want to survive. Back in New York I really did not need to lay things out so rigidly, but then again I was in a big city and lived around the corner from a museum, several parks and the world-famous 24 hour subway system. Deciding what I wanted to do was as simple as getting my car fare together and packing a lunch.

Now that we have moved to Japan and I have two more children to plan for, I need to implement more structure into our outings. Japan has many Matsuri/festivals, parks and events that are accessible by train. My plan is to take the kids to closer events and places via public transportation earlier in the summer(before it gets really hot) and once it really starts to heat up, go to places further out in the car or team up with moms to do group outings.

With young kids it is not really necessary to over plan their summers, but you definitely don’t want to be trapped indoors burning the air conditioner with restless kids. Japan gets really hot and humid yet there is no central cooling system in most homes. It’s best to head to a public place for the comfort of central cooling.

In addition to just laying out destinations, I have learned that it is also helpful to meal plan, get a travel wardrobe and a couple of CDs of kiddie music to help you get to those further destinations a lot smoother.

One thing that I have found very helpful is these Kokomo Odekake magazines. There are several magazines available here in Japan that explain with photos and list costs for places to take your child. They are the best thing ever!

japanese magazine

Kodomo Odekake Magazine

We are going to check out some of these spots that I found in this issue.

Giant Lego Bricks

Food from all over the world

Teepee /Native American Culture

Pocari Sweat Factory

Hope you guys have a great weekend and start planning your summer!

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