Pro-Choice, really?



This is more than a touchy subject and I may be committing
blogger suicide with some of my readers but you should at least hear me out.

I just had my first baby. It’s what I know will be the
greatest thing I’ve ever done outside of if I ever accomplish world peace. But
rather than bask in the wonders of what I know firsthand is the miracle of life
and balk at anyone who is Pro-Choice, I find myself joining that other side
some refer to as the baby killers. I am Pro-Choice, here’s why.

I’ve always known that I wanted to be a mother. I used to
play with my dolls and pretend that the father was at work. I got my brother
and sisters in on the act. Sometimes even pretending to give birth (from
underneath my tee shirt). I just knew that I would meet the man of my dreams
and have enough children to form a singing group or a sports team. Well as real
life happens, yes, I have met that man. And no, I won’t be able to have as many
children as I think I want. I gave birth 3 months ago (not from underneath my
tee shirt) and one thing hit me almost immediately as I rose from my labor in
joy. Who has the right to force this on someone?

People talk about labor pain, but this was greater than the
simplistic word we understand as pain. If you read about my post ‘My Birth
Story’ you will see some of what I went through. What I didn’t tell you is that
the sensation I had was not pain my dear. It was a radiating wave of power
sweeping over my body so strong and immobilizing that there were moments when I
literally lost my breath.

In addition to the physical demands of pregnancy and labor I
think about the psychological impact on someone that goes through that only to
give the baby away? Now I see why some surrogates want the baby once it’s born.
People, nature does not provide that our womb is a loaner!

I do not condone abortion as a twisted means of
contraception, but in the same vein I do not condone imposing guilt on someone
who might be the 1% of that condom/contraception failure crew to push a child
out. Nor do I condone forcing someone to have a rapist’s child!

I believe the most loving thing you can do for the world is
to have children that are wanted and give life voluntarily. Is that such a  horrible position to take on this issue?

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