Remember This?

Tara from 4 weddings

Tara from 4 Weddings

Japan wedding

Tara Kamiya wedding in Japan

Hi Guys! Remember this?

You do if you watched my wedding on TV. Yes, my wedding was televised, or at least one of them was.

6 years ago we got married at City Hall in NYC. A year later we had a small ceremony and reception at Queens Botanical Garden which was televised for a one episode Reality Show called Four Weddings, and a year after that we had a reception in Japan. Those were fun times.

My husband is an awesome person and I am so happy that we met. We are happy and he tells me so. Often. Sometimes I still cannot believe that I am married. I was so lonely and I knew that I was a good person. I did not have man problems at all, it just seemed like nothing was clicking in the marriage department. I was so sad and worried, I knew I wanted to have a nice family, but when, where, who. I dated men from various backgrounds and ethnicities. I did not care. If you were nice to me, we could talk.

One thing I did not do was sleep around. I was serious about marriage! If you want to put your best foot forward and represent a respectable person, I think it’s best you keep your cookies to yourself for a while. I know what it’s like ladies, I was there. Keep asking the universe for divine love, keep working on yourself, stay positive. Very few people genuinely want to be alone for the rest of their lives. The universe hears you. I hear you.

I decided to post this because so many people ask about my wedding and I genuinely want to share, but finding the time to get the pics off of the hard drive and loading them up onto imovie is a task that requires lots of time.

I still cannot believe that 5 years later they are still showing my episode. Apparently it is on iTunes as well. Four Weddings Season 2, the season opener. AND…apparently is has been shown in Africa and Spain. I am dying to see myself dubbed over in Spanish. I am getting images of those clips from the Simpsons.LMAO “Aye….Que lastima!”

Anyway, hope you are having a great day and please let me know if you have seen me dubbed in German. Haha!!

Be Well




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I am a personality blogger of Japanese & African American marriage and motherhood. Featured in the U.S. on Four Weddings Season 2. For product reviews, speaking engagements and appearances please contact me via email:
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