Road Trips and Rambles

driving mom

I can drive!

Yes Darling!

We are on the road.

This week my family and I set out on our second summertime road trip. It is such a glorious thing to be able to drive here. Getting the license was a rough process which I must tell you about in a video.

The family fun parks that they have in Aichi make me laugh at what is available in America. My mom used to take us to many different places within the country and we loved them, but I remember long lines and expensive admission prices. The place we went this week was ¥600 and ¥2400 for a yearly pass. That is laughable in America! Much like the cost of healthcare, but I have digressed…..

It is still rainy season, but we have had an amazing break of warm sunny days that allow us to not get depressed. Sunlight is essential to happiness and if you can get more of it, it will surely improve your mood. One time I checked the Almanac and found out that NYC has less than 40% of 100% sunny days. Scary.

I just wanted to pop in and say hello really. The month of July will be busy for me. All of my children will be home everyday, which means very little time for myself and it means that I will be doing a summer intensive of language education. My oldest will continue learning to read Japanese and speak Spanish, my 2-year-old started Mandarin, and my 3 month old is training for rolling over.LOL

We are happy. So what if I have not eaten cheese in 3 months.

I want to share with you all of my projects that I have going on. The blog is getting redone and with that I am starting more blogs. I know….just when I get consistent on this blog I add another, but it is good stuff. It means resources for others who want their kids to be multilingual and it means educating people with all of the things I have learned.

I am a big dreamer, I would not have made it to Japan if I weren’t. I could not be sitting here in my pajamas on a Friday afternoon if I weren’t. I will share with you my secrets but you must stick around,… must continue to dream.

One day you will look back on your life and laugh at how you made it through the tough times. You will marvel at your strength.

Have a good weekend. Life is good.



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