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Tanabata Star Festival in Japan

Tanabata Star Festival in Japan What is Tanabata Star Festival? A couple of years ago when my little one brought home some blank strips of paper I was perplexed. He was not really able to articulate what I was supposed … Continue reading

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Never Give Up!

We take breaks, we take breathers…but we never give up. April was pretty busy for us as a family. All over the world things have been happening so rapidly. Changing so drastically…so rapidly. I find myself sitting here in Japan … Continue reading

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Scammed in Japan

Meet Keisha! Keisha Brissette is a black woman living in Japan. Her blog caught my eye and made me blush. Her writing style is comedic genius. I see her doing big things in the future. Keisha describes herself as 100% Jamaican. … Continue reading

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Why you need a Cyber Water Cooler

I’m a blogger. Blogging is one of my primary sources of income(as it was written, so it shall be done), my work is mostly in front of my computer. There are no physical co-workers in my business. Sometimes it can get lonely … Continue reading

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