Waku Waku


Yes, this is a two way street

Yes, this is a two way street

Happy July everyone!

Still the rainy season but I am doing ok with my clothes dryer.LOL

I am excited. In Japanese Waku Waku is the sound of excitement, or rather the heart beat of an excited person.

So why am I excited? Wednesday my husband is taking me to take my Driver’s License test. The paper test and then in about a week I will have a driving test.

This is the freedom I have been craving, being able to take my children and my mother in law wherever they please. I cannot wait until we have the sun on our faces and the wind in our hair. To start I will probably share the car with my husband or my father in law. I am not sure how getting a car works here, but I hope to share it with you guys.

Mostly I just wanted to say I would be nothing without this blog!!!


 When I thought I was going to need a psychologist and a ticket home this blog brought me sanity.

I am so happy….I am so happy.

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