Warm and Toasty Toasting

We are having a good time here in the states. It is warm and I have not worn so much as a jacket for weeks now. I had on cut off shorts two weeks ago.  I really have to think about how I can keep escaping the winter. It suits me well.

The children are absolutely amazed by all of the “Christmas”! The lights, the presents. They are really enjoying it. We plan to do a nice little New Year’s Eve party in the house. I already have our plastic wine glasses that will be filled with sparkling cider and I have our fireworks.

After being in the states for 1 week I have not itched at all. Scary. I hope I am not allergic to Japan, but it seems something is making me itchy out there. Finding food for my son has been a bit of a challenge. I guess I should check out the Farmer’s Market for better options.

I served him fish and he looked at me puzzled. “Mamma, no head”. He is used to seeing the whole fish. This piece of meat is a joke to him, he’s eaten fish once since he’s been here. The other times he just pokes at it.

I am feeling good, but worried that I won’t want to live in Japan during the winter. Before we left I was cold. Going back the end of February it will be cold. I am also thinking about how to start working and getting in on the language teaching train. The government is actually starting to take English instruction seriously and there are tons of opportunities. I actually like teaching and I am good at it. Problem is I don’t want to rush my kids out of my arms and I love being a housewife.

Big decisions for 2014! Will be posting more soon as I can. Take Care!

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