Welcome! M.M.K. to the Kamiya family!

Today baby and I took a walk.

It was a nice sunny day and we walked to the conbiniĀ (convenience store aka 7Eleven). Mom needed some ice-cream and baby needed some sun.

If you are old skool you probably think I should still be in the house. It has been 13 days since Max’s birthday and I am already going crazy.

I am a NYer, and what that means is that walking is a part of my DNA. I need to get out and I need to walk.

I do want to be mindful of my health and baby’s too, so it was a short walk.

My birth was quick and not too bad, about 4 hours. What a relief, after my first son I was nervous, I thought good lord another 20 hours. This time I was lucky. No horribleness at all. In just the two weeks that have passed I am just a little sore in my hips, but the rest of me feels like nothing happened. Thank Goodness.

My first son is so happy. He keeps trying to give the baby food and toys. He also wants to hold him and make him sleep in his bed. We are truly lucky to have such a kind child. He is very patient and waits for me to give Max milk. Sometimes he freaks out, but that is just the 2 year old thing.

big brother

Happy Big Brother

My midwife experience was excellent. They clothed me and the baby for 4 days. I got a facial and full body massage there as well. Everyone was super kind and the food was excellent. They made traditional food fresh daily and I cannot rave enough about this place. They also let my 2 year old son stay overnight. He was there for the birth and saw everything! What a smart child, when his brother came out he was so excited. He said akachan akachan! I am so happy he was there. I hope some part of him remembers that when he starts dating.LOL


Midwife in Japan

My experience of giving birth in Japanese is kinda strange. I was able to communicate with my husband’s help but basically it was just feeling the moment. The midwives understood me when the tough parts came. I just kept saying Taskete(help me). I am sure that was entertaining, being that there was little they could do. But in honesty they were very skilled and did actually help me get Max out. I did not get that strong urge to push like everyone talks about so it was good that they were able to help me through that.

blasian child


Finally my baby is here and we are so happy.

blasian baby

Hi Max!

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