What annoys me about Japan!!!

Yes, it is not easy to live here.

Getting a new electric heater

Surprise, surprise. That is why there is less than 1% foreigners living here I guess.

Everyone has a different comfort level. If you are over 30 and from NYC your comfort level may be high, as in my case. This is a list of things in no particular order. I have not lived in Japan for 7 months, but it feels like a year because I visited for about a month 3 months before we moved permanently.

This is a rant of sorts, but I want to be clear that I have no negative feelings toward this country nor the people. As stated above, everyone has a different comfort level and as a human being I am allowed to be annoyed, especially when changing cultures. Hope you find this interesting.

1. Laundry

I like the fact that we do laundry daily, but nobody uses hot water to wash their clothes. Sorry Japan, my clothes are not getting clean, I know I am not alone on this, some other foreigner speak up! AND.Why the hell do I have to dry laundry outside in the winter? Nobody uses a dryer in this town so I have to wait 3 days sometimes for laundry to dry(when it rains). This makes no sense to me. Now a surprise for me is that since there are no dryers, all of your clothes, towels, sheets, etc. have super lint! Lint that gets in African American hair. There is a new laundromat in town. I hope they give discounts to annoyed foreigners.


2. Heat

The houses are not insulated and there is no central heating. Need I say more? Actually, yes I will. Think about this one. It is the dead of winter and you need to take a shower. It is the dead of winter and you need to use the bathroom. So what is heated? Japanese homes have heated toilet seats, electric blankets, electric carpets, electric tables, space heaters to heat 1 room that everyone stays in to stay warm(not the hall way or bathrooms).


Mold accumulates on everything and it is not cute. I found it in the bathroom on my beauty product containers and combs. It is in the dishes, and in the closets. This is super gross especially because you cannot stop it. You have to try and clean everything often but when it accumulates on stuff you would never clean, it gets annoying. When is the last time you cleaned the cap on your facial cleanser and better yet, how would you keep that dry?D*mn!


Yeah, there is no oven. People use toaster ovens. No pies, cakes, turkeys, pot roasts or anything that would go in an oven. Can I live in a house for the rest of my life without being able to bake? We’ll see.

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