What is Baby Saying?


Baby and Cellphone

Communication is my Life!

Baby is now 1 year 2 months old. I am so excited about his development. He is wearing me out but I am having a good time listening to the next words he will utter. I thought that it would take him a while to become bilingual,  but he is already repeating words in Japanese and English. Basically it seems that he is choosing the easier word from the two languages.

Right now it seems his favorite word is bye bye as he slides open the front door and tries to run out of the house.

Here is a list of what we have heard him say in no particular order:

  • inai inai ba!= the equivalent of peek a boo in English
  • chodai=give it to me
  • bye bye
  • ice
  • kampai= the equivalent of cheers
  • baba=baby talk for grandmother
  • jiji=baby talk for grandfather
  • mama
  • dada
  • atsui=hot
  • bubu=the equivalent of beep beep car sound
  • poopoo


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