Winter in Japan is kicking my butt!!

Yes, I did already rant about the heat situation a few posts back.

I had enough!

Where I am the weather is about the same as NYC. Problem is there is no central heat in the homes. I had enough of going to the toilet and literally shivering. Nothing anyone suggests helps. The other day the temperature got so low that even sitting in front of the space heater I felt like I was outside.

I asked around, but nobody can tell me why these homes do not have any insulation!

If you are thinking about coming to live here, winter is a real concern. The lifestyle here is very hard in a traditional setting. I am also through with the laundry. Because it is so cold the laundry takes days to dry. There is so much we could not bring it all inside so most of it sits in a storage shed to dry. It puzzles me why we can do laundry daily but a dryer uses too much energy? Isn’t it more costly to do laundry daily? SMH big time right now.

My husband is great. He is always doing his best to make us comfortable. Thank goodness we have started the renovations to add in a kitchen for our family.

Kitchen Renovation under way!

I cannot wait. Going outside to mom and dad’s house to eat is getting old! As you can see now I am in the WTF phase of living in Japan. We came here April 19th so it is almost our anniversary of living here. I am so happy to be living here, but as I said the life is not easy. Just recently I had a horrible situation with my futon.

gross futon

Futon Soaked in sweat.GROSS!

Bottom line at this point is I need to sleep in a Western bed. This futon is soaked in sweat. I know gross! I am really  a clean person, but you cannot imagine why this happened. I may go into detail another time for your learning benefit. LOL

Pray for me you guys. I came here for good reason and I want to stay, but lord knows it is not easy. Hopefully once I have the baby and get back in my body alone I will be able to maneuver and think clearly about what steps to take to make myself and my family comfortable in this new life.

Hope you are having a good one. Be Well.

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