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So I am in the home stretch, and thank goodness. I am so nervous about how the second labor will go, but I know it will not last forever. The first time I was in labor for 20 hours. Goodness!

So what am I up to in these last few days before I am due?

Japanese Hospital Exam Room
Exam Room at Hospital in Japan
  • My computer had a corrupt hardrive so I am waiting for it to come back from mac so I can upload all these videos that I promised my subscribers.
  • Shopping for my trip to the midori(midwife). I will go a little early to get comfortable.
  • Helping my husband prepare for his trip to NY. He is going on business, but he also has courier duties for me. I need my hair stuff!
  • Teaching my 22 month old how to tell time, alphabet, numbers, and becoming more independent.
  • Still searching for a Japanese name for my second son.
  • Redesigning my blog.

So that is about it. I hope to have everything auto set up for you guys to enjoy weeks after I go into labor. Wish me luck. You guys take care too.

2 thoughts on “2 more months to go!

  1. Hi Tara.Been reading your blog for a while and watching your youtube videos….I enjoy it very much!I’m south african and my husband is also japanese,we live in south africa and have a 1 yr old daughter.Cant wait to see your next videos.gambate with the birth!!Mari,from sunny south africa!!

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