6 Months Old!

Baby is 6 months old!


My Baby 6 months old

6 month old baby! Can’t believe we’re half way to one year old.  It has been and exciting experience. So far I have watched him develop and enjoy life every step of the way. I think back to when we first met each other. I had hardly any words, but I managed to get out, “Hi baby, I am your mom”. Now I have plenty of words, like sweet sweet, no sweet sweet, good morning, bite bite, yummy food, etc.
He has also been getting around plenty. Within 6 months he has been to The Museum of Moving Image for the Jim Henson exhibit, The Winnie the Pooh movie, entertained his grandparents during their visit from Japan, attended an intimate dinner with friends, had a great 4th of July cookout, been to Washington DC (his first flight), and he has several more destinations scheduled before the end of the year. Today we are speaking at a Natural Childbirth class about our experience. It would be funny if My Baby could actually recount his birth experience but I assume I will do most of the talking. My Baby is so alert and happy I hope it encourages other moms to give birth naturally. We did not have any issues with nursing or weight gain at all. I did not have to deal with a sleepy sedated baby and I think that is the best thing for both of us. *Sidebar*I also feel non circumcision is also part of having a natural birth. Because we did not snip-snip that was another drowsy mess we were able to avoid.


No chair can hold me!

Baby is now teething and I think his amber necklace is working nicely. The oils secreted by the amber help to relax him and relieve pain. So far he has been chill and aside from biting everyone’s nose I would never know that he is teething. Some of the lovelier things are that My Baby still has a preference for the Japanese language. I have started playing some of the Japanese music DVDs in the morning and he coos and giggles at the video as it’s playing. I also play Spanish and Italian music, but no such reaction to video or music in other languages. I hope that his language development will continue to be interesting. One of the things that I wish for him is that he is as attracted to languages as I am.
We are a bit behind in our reading schedule, but I did get some beautiful books for him. One free and one as a gift, I hope he enjoys them.

Baby is Reading

Physically he is a little monster, wearing 9-12 months and growing by the week into his 12-24 months clothes. He is long and now weighs about 18.4lbs. I keep telling myself that I will be able to carry him until he can walk, but I am starting to get nervous. Some days my back aches and others I just feel guilty because I cannot carry him like I used to, and of course he hates the stroller. Most days I can get 30 minutes of quiet so I guess I should count my blessings that I can get that much peace in the stroller. I need to schedule his 6 month checkup and I am so excited, I cannot wait to see how much he weighs and measures next week.
I am still going strong with the breast feeding. Every time I think I want to stop I just think about how much I do love it and how much money I am saving. Sure I’d like to get sloshed just like every other able bodied 30 something on the weekend, but I have to remember that I had plenty of time for that and that I waited with teary eyes for years to be able to enjoy this time with My Baby. So what’s 2 years or perhaps 3 of being dry when I’ve been drinking since 16, eh? What really excites me is thinking of baby #2, My Baby needs a playmate and we are hoping for a girl the next go round. Everyone thinks I am crazy to even be mentioning another baby 6 months after giving birth, but I am very into it. My birth was good, my recovery was good and all I can do is pray that it goes well another time. My family makes me happy, that’s where I am now miles away from Happy Hour.



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