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It is 3pm. The children are out from school. They are laughing and playing. One girl has a t shirt that says, Gorgeous Yes Me on it. The children are starring at me. One child says hola! I can feel the sun on my face and I have my little one who is now 7 months old in front of me in a carrier.


Ready for School
Ready for School


This is an average day for me on the way to pick up my two year old.

If you pick up any magazine in Japan, you can see tons of Western products and now many places to shop for these goods, but true understanding is still far away.These kids and their parents don’t have a clue where I could possibly be from,….hence the ‘hola’. Being from NYC I cannot understand the ignorance of culture. It’s in my DNA to be in a multicultural state of mind. I also learned from my husband that many people have never heard English spoken! Now before I keep on about it just being my town, some of my aunts and uncles are just as bad. They are from other various towns throughout Japan.

In my little town I am the only black woman for miles. Actually, I did see another black woman in the making. A little girl about 10 with her friends at the festival. She was there with her dad and he appeared to be from Africa.

I have no idea why the language skills are so bad or at least why they are allowed to continue in this way. I do plan to teach English as a home teacher next year. Hopefully I can pull this off. They need me here. I love what I do and I will be sure that anyone I teach will be able to participate in society outside of their own country.

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  1. As a person of color living in Tokyo with my Japanese husband, I can totally relate. Seeing other foriegners in Japan haven’t really done much to put myself at ease when I feel nervous since they tend not to even say hello or make eye contact with other foreigners! lol I also get the stares and giggles, the whole works. Ive gotten use to it because you just gotta be confident in yourself and put your best foot forward. My best foot forward is teaching English for now and being relaxed. I know, oh I know, it is not easy being in JP as a person of color. It is much different than how I thought it would be and they are much different from other Japanese that come to NY (Im from Staten Island originally but lived in fort greene for some years) . I am always praying for you and you have a wonderful life! Keep smiling!

  2. I trust you and your family are having a nice time while here in NY. I live in the White Plains, NY area, and am interested to know how your oldest son is enjoying his time in the States. I read that you are experiencing reverse culture shock, Just found your YT channel today, and have watched about 10 of your videos. Would love to have you do a video where your husband shares his experiences in a cross-cultural/racial marriage in a country that is 98.6% homogenous. I took a Japanese 101 course at Westchester Community College, but at my age (66 yrs old), I found learning this language very challenging to learn. Enjoyed your videos regarding the community you live in, and was fascinated by the rice fields. The video with your older son making apple juice was precious. Looking forward to your future videos

  3. Thanks so much! I doubt my husband will do a video, but I’ll ask. About to blog updates now. Yeah languages can be tough in general for adults but just learning the basics is a good feeling too.
    Thanks for watching. Have a blessed holiday.

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