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An emotional rollercoaster ride of a lifetime!

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This past week we appeared as a family in The Japan Times via Loco in Yokohama. That same week I realized that my visa and passport needed to be renewed. Upon appearing at immigration, I learned that they could possibly detain and deport me! I have never been so scared in my life. I was just shaking. I was too shocked to cry. I just could not believe it. As an American who’s never lived more than a month in another country I was petrified.

Thank goodness we brought the kids. I assume the interviewer took pity on my stupidity and allowed me to appeal. There I was…..looking like a complete idiot for not staying on top of my paperwork. Stupid, lazy, spoiled American. I deserved it all. I was humbled.

So here we are hoping mommy does not get deported. A very serious matter. In addition to getting kicked out, I would not be able to return for a year. So what does that mean for my family? A separation? My husband’s work? School for the kids? Our apartment? The family? All my crap that I bought? I could kick myself.

We let immigration know everything. We came here to support the family and we have formal, corporate letters from doctors. They can see that I just had a baby a few months ago, so hopefully they let me stay here. Be careful what you wish for. I was homesick for weeks before this, but I don’t want to go home like this!

Now I turn your attention to Donald Trump and his presidential campaign. I am thinking about immigration big time. He’s out of control in my opinion, but what I want to look at now is the structure of immigration and find out who really wins and who really loses; if there even is a loss.

I am from NYC and the city literally runs on immigrants(not Dunkin’ as the commercial says.LOL). What in the world would NYC do without immigrants? Word has it that every dollar and diamond in America passes through NYC. I find that interesting and very possibly accurate. To that I would like to add immigrants.LOL

I had so called illegal friends in New York. How could they live with that fear, that angst of knowing that they could not get caught up in the system. Knowing that if an employer decided not to pay, there were limited options about what they could do. I think about…..what if I were from a “poor” country?

No matter how much discrimination, shady dealings and lack of jobs go on in my country; you cannot deny the international black card. The blue passport. Argue if you like, but nobody is questioning whether I am scamming a longer stay or sucking their government dry once they see that passport. I might be a criminal, but not one who needs their citizenship.

I am new to this international world citizen thing. Pray for me. Remember it’s a roller coaster! Next week we could get a free trip to Hawaii. Just ride it out.

Be Well

-Tara K.

8 thoughts on “Am I getting deported?

  1. I am praying for you. I overstayed my VIsa once years ago. They were more lenient in those days. I also had 2 small half japanese kids. I was taken to a separate room, questioned and made to write or dictate a formal apology and sign it. All was OK. I hope your husband can go with you. I am sure it’ll be OK.And I am praying for you. God is good! He will take care of it!!

  2. How long were you past the deadline? I think this will be okay, I’m sure they see this happen quite often. When they know you have a family, they know you are legit. Good luck and keep us updated! 🙂

  3. Wow prayers to you! As you are married with kids I am sure they will understand. I have the permanent visa now and still will have to do something but i don’t remember when lol

  4. Wow prayers to you! As you are married with kids I am sure they will understand. I have the permanent visa now and still will have to do something but i don’t remember when lol

  5. I had a mini heart attack when I read the title. Hopefully everything gets sorted out soon. *Psychic hug*
    Here in the U.K we have a problem with immigration because of the EU. We have a housing crisis but because the U.K is part of the EU, many people can just come straight from Poland (for example), and get a house. Meanwhile other people who have been on the housing list for years, are still waiting. It’s to do with the deal the government have made with the EU but most people don’t see it like that. Also like many other countries we have many issues with extremist Islam like ISIS which has made many British people become very anti-Immigration. Things are slowly starting to become very ugly over here. Perhaps the U.S is experiencing something similar which is why Trump may be getting so much support.

  6. Oh no! I hope the process goes smoothly and they approve you very soon. I just came across your blog last week after the JT article (we have Baye and Amanda in common as social media friends) so I selfishly want to see your story continue in Japan with your husband and kids. Sending all the positive vibes I have!

  7. Hey girl, that must have been terrifying to go through that. But here back in the states, not saying i support Donald but you have to understand that we are lossing money and our economy is collapsing because to much flow. Yes we were build on the back of immigrants but there is a limit and the government isnt taking care of there own citizens but is only focused on people who are not citizens. I mean its odd that an illegal can come here and find a job in a week but someone born here it takes years. Im not against immigrants i just feel the government needs to handle it better.

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