Tara Kamiya


So I am home for the holidays. Back in the big apple.

So much to share.

It feels good to be around family but it is really tough being back in America. I am experiencing reverse culture shock.

Cold toilet seats, beds that are waist high, and basements. All a part of western life. I look forward to sharing much about my trip.

Have a good ThanksGiving!

3 thoughts on “Apples

  1. I think you are great, its been a while since i saw your videos and when i saw the latest one you now have two kids and your married! My how time flies!! Congrats on your life and family and i hope u continue posting these videos. All of my experiences with japanese people have been so pleasant ive always wanted to visit just didnt have the courage because of “baggage” issues. Maybe one day though, anyhow thank you and god bless.

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