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Time for my updates on baby!

Blasian Baby and Mom
19 Pounds of Boss

If you have been following me you know that he will be 1 year old next month! Yey!

My Baby is doing well. He is 19 pounds and about 28 inches. I am weaning this month and have discovered that he likes almond milk. There is no sugar in it and it seems to be a nice transition into the non-nursing world he is entering now.

I cannot believe a year has passed. As I look back on this blog I think, wow, I should have posted more, and wow, time has really passed quickly. There were times when mothering was so demanding that I could not get out of bed much less blog. Things have gotten better and as he is gaining his independence and so am I. Now he can sit in a high chair and eat while I do dishes. Other times he will play in his toy box while I blog.

I’ve noticed that he is not really a baby that likes toys, well he likes them but they are not as entertaining as under the kitchen sink (childproofed).He loves to take out all the pots and plastic dishes and spread them around. I adore this about him. He is wild and free and loves to explore.

This weekend he took 5 steps and I could not be happier. I am terrified that he will not walk by his birthday. Everyone in my family walked at 9 and 11 months. I met a woman in the shopping mall whose son had not walked yet, he was 15 months. As horrible as it sounds, I was mortified. I could not bear the thought. Mostly because he is only getting heavier.

Unfortunately dad had to go back to Japan for a family emergency, so there is less Japanese being spoken around the house over the past few days, but baby is still mesmerized by Japanese. I speak to him as much as I can and I play his Japanese DVDs. It is so amazing to me that he could care less when I put on any English speaking DVD, but he stares in awe when I put on his Japanese DVD. I guess it is truly genetics .

I had big plans for the first birthday as many American parents do, but since we are having so much going on in our family in Japan, we may keep it small. I bought a lovely birthday hat that I will post on his birthday so you guys can see it. I am sure dad will laugh, but hey, I have to embarrass my son while I still can!

I hope all of you with babies around the same age are doing well. Share your thoughts on what your plans are for the first birthday.

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