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Happy New Year!

Japanese Marriage Bears

Yes, I have been gone for 1 month. I was in Japan! It was my first visit and it was awesome.

I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year from Japan, but being the busy mommy that I am I left my passwords home, sorry about that. The good news is that I will never run out of posts ever again. I could write about Japan for the rest of my life. Everything is different right down to your options to do a #2.

We went out there as a family to have a wedding for the family members who could not make it to NY. There was lots of joys and a little pain as well. Lots to report, so for the record I am back and have tons to share. Stay with me, here are some photos to take the sting out of my previous absence.

My Japanese Wedding


Having Fun at Wedding Reception


In Kimono trying to speak Japanese

2 thoughts on “Back from Japan!

  1. Both you and your husband look so good in traditional Japanese clothing. Can’t wait for your future posts! It’s been a long time since your last post. I thought you had given up on blogging because of your busy life…. LOL.

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