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8 thoughts on “Been away…been sick

  1. Hey Tara, keep your head up. I know how you feel, especially since im a native new yorker as well. I desperately wanted to go back and go for the peace rally in Staten Island but i couldnt. Its scary whats going on. It could happen to anyone,man,women, hell, even my own brother. I think it was only a matter of time until these kind of riots broke out especially after the acquittal of George Zimmerman at the Trayvon Martin case. People were mad about that and they definitely werent gonna let the Brown case slip through their hands or leave it into the hands of the police because people have seen these kind of racist killings time and time over and its a no wonder anymore what really drove someone to shoot an innocent person besides color.

    Keep your head up. Things are tough. I was actually kinda scared to go back to the states because of what was happening but not scared anymore because this kind of thing can happen anywhere, even in Japan. There was a case in japan where some officers went on the airplane and harassed a black male attendent and ended up choking him to death. Not a story you hear about at all but color will always be a big thing anywhere. People just need to learn how to stand up and defend their rights.

  2. Hello again, Tara.

    I hope you feel better. The sickness has been spreading around here in America too. Isn’t it odd how the world gets sick together. I guess we all pass it to each other?

    Regarding the events in the black community like with the Ferguson shooting, I truly think this is done on purpose to rally up our emotions and weaken us. I do think there is a psychological war on black America. I think this war is there to decrease our power because naturally, we are supreme. Our creative, spiritual, and intellectual power is unbeatable when we realize it. Half of us just don’t realize it, which is also done on purpose through distractions and false mentors/direction/leadership. The earth is plagued with people who demand ultimate control, that’s why they want to take us down so they can have this full control.

    What’s your perspective?

  3. Thank you for sharing. You have a beautiful family and present a very unique aspect of life in Japan. I came across your blog on YouTube while searching for Japanese Enka music. I’m half-Japanese but grew-up in the US. Thank you and hope you feel better.


  4. Totally agree. The news is designed to stir up emotions. I am sure many unarmed black men were killed and did not make the news.

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