Tara Kamiya


Recently there’s been what seems like a slew of books, blogs, articles and reports from women who shamelessly explain the details of their fear and loathing for motherhood. I am disappointed in these women, but not angry with them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I can’t help but wonder if we (the public) might be giving them too much attention.

The variables of motherhood range as wide as the cultural diversity we find all over the world. True, these women should not suffer the resentment they hold in their hearts in silence, but why o why do they do it shamelessly. And is this encouraging others to throw up their hands and say, ’yes I hate being a mom too’?
I wonder to myself:
1. What did they think motherhood would be like?
2. Why did they have children in the first place?
3. Did they think their lives/bodies would be the same?
4. Who lied to them?

It seems as if childbirth is the new marriage. Meaning, that there is no shortage of people getting married for the wrong reasons. Perhaps this is the trend in motherhood?

When I got pregnant 9 months ago, people assumed that I wanted a girl. Well, why not, everyone wants a “mini me” that they can dress up and live through vicariously! Not I said the cat! I just want a healthy child that doesn’t turn out to be an ax murderer or a Wall Street banker. When I told people that I was having a boy, they looked at me as if I would be relegated to a life void of tutus and shame on me for making a penis.

Thanks guys, but no thanks. I think there are some good reasons to have a child and creating a “mini me” or making your significant other and family members happy are not included.

Before you get pregnant and decide to go through with it think:
1. Am I ready to give selflessly emotionally and financially?
2. Do I have any interest in RAISING a child (ABCs to 123s)?
3. Will I acknowledge that my responsibilities to this new life may not end at 18!?
4. Can I provide an environment of stability and love unconditionally?

These are just a few, and goodness, if you can’t answer these, then stay away from penises!

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