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Alex’s Birth Story

At about 2am Monday March 21st my water began to break. A little trickle, then a gush, then bloody show. I knew that I would see my baby on the 21st, but I had no idea how long it would take. I was in labor from beginning to end for 20 hours! It was long and hard, there were times when I thought he would not come out. There were times when I cried out for help, not knowing what kind of help I meant. I threw up 2 times. Finally at about 6pm, my midwife decided to check and see if my cervix had melted away and if I might want to try pushing.

Thank goodness it did, and I started to get a slight urge to push. It was not the feeling I thought it would be. After hours of very tough contractions, It was not obvious for me to push, but I was certain that something was changing and after confirmation that baby Alex was inches away from being out I tried to push. It did not take me long to get him out at that point, about 5 sets of three pushes at a time and he was in the world.

Alex was born with his hand by his face waving hello to the world at 9:57 pm on 3/21/11, (7.03 pounds, 21 inches). Even though I envisioned myself giving birth in the pool, hours later after using the pool for relaxation I actually gave birth on the bed in our home in Queens, NY. Thank Goodness! I was so happy to see him, I did skin to skin and he nursed within 30 minutes. He slept through the night and is enjoying the comforts of being born at home. I was so happy to have a home birth. The trials that I went through while I was in labor could not have taken place outside of my home. When I wanted to get in the birth pool I did, when I wanted to squat I did, when I wanted to walk around naked crying I did. It was awesome. Two days later, I have not had so much as an aspirin for pain. I am very proud of my birth team and myself for being so determined to have a natural birth.

Nobody can prepare you for 20 hours of labor, but Tanya’s (my Bradley birth instructor) teachings really helped me focus, stay calm, breathe, and when I had those psychotic moments,  I at least had the wherewithal to ask for help from my birth team and found out that foot rubs got me through some tough contractions.  I will never forget the classes.

I wish you all success, luck , and love in your lives!

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  1. Congratulations! He’s adorable, and I am happy for you. Good luck with your journey through motherhood. 🙂

  2. Congratulations, he’s beautiful. I’m glad to here that you had the kind of birth that you wanted. That’s so important.

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