I am a housewife.

The real story is that I am an African American born and raised in New York City, now living in a small town in Japan.

My husband is a chef. He loves DJ-ing, rock, hip-hop, & punk music, houses, dogs, and me/our family [not in that order I hope].

We were chosen by a reality show to have our wedding shown to the world in the form of competition (Four Weddings season 2). It was a fun experience and has led to other opportunities. I have videos of myself and family posted on YouTube(smartalecky1) if you’d like to check them out. I am currently working on ebooks and active with a few other projects. I also sew and crochet.

I’ve been to Quebec, Namibia, South Africa; Quepos, and a few places in Japan. I  have also visited and lived in various states for short periods of time. One of my favorite places in America is Seattle in the summertime. I would say that I am patriotic when it is convenient, and never miss an opportunity to reject conventional means of doing anything.

We are currently living in Japan with our 3 children, grandparents, and great grandparents.