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Good Diapers = Good Day

As a first time mom there are tons of things I don’t know and even more that I thought I knew. One of the things I thought I knew was where to put my money. I went around indignantly pontificating on the silliness of buying expensive or rather name brand diapers. “They’re just catching poop”, I said. “Why the hell do I need an expensive diaper”, I said.

Well now I am eating my words and I will tell you why.

My son is the apple of my eye, but poop is poop no matter who it comes from and I have not met a person yet who minds it in the bed where they sleep. The other night I allowed My Baby to sleep with mommy and daddy only to wake up to a poopy mess next to me. My mistake was thinking that catching poop in a cheap diaper was only a daytime activity. I forgot that babies use their diapers several times a night and that a cheap diaper is not going to cut it. By the time My Baby woke up at 6am, he had used that diaper about 3 times throughout the night. The diaper was as heavy as a College Dictionary by the time I took it off. Yeah, won’t do that again.

What I realized is that if I am going out or putting baby to sleep I need something that can contain him for at least two uses. I can’t have him go once and change it, because I’ll have no idea when that one time will be! Besides save a diaper, waste an outfit and a set of sheets, so now we are talking about the headache of laundry, and if you live in a major city, chances are you have to go out to do laundry, ugh! Even my Wonder Washer can’t save me if I allow my bed sheets to get soiled. So I discovered that the best plan of action for me is to use the cheap diapers during the day if I must, pack name brand diapers for trips and reserve them for bedtime.

Besides, the name brand diapers have these reward points that allow you to get free stuff. It takes the sting out of the few extra dollars when you see all the cute stuff you can get with the points. It takes about 5 months’ worth of points before you can get something, but it’s something!

See we learn something every day. Who Knew?

What diaper solution did you come up with?

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