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Life as a married woman.

Happy Anniversary, married 8 years!

Hard to believe I have been married for 8 years. When we were featured on the show Four Weddings, we had already been married for a year. First we got married at City Hall in NYC and then the next year … Continue reading

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4 Scenarios when your family needs Legal Help

Life isn’t perfect. Most adults will tell you that we can expect just as many unfortunate situations to complement the fortunate ones. Whether it’s work stresses, family problems or just lack of energy, sometimes, life gets you down. Sometimes your … Continue reading

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Happy March!

  Hard to believe that we have been here as a family for 4 years! The time of adjustment was rough. For me it will be a lifelong process. I have never lived in a small town and that alone … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day in Japan

It is that time again. Valentine’s Day in Japan. Women buy chocolates or make them and give them to men. I was shocked when I first of learned of this, and honestly I did not believe it until I moved … Continue reading

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