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In the midst of the immigration debacle, I have decided that I need to upgrade my planner system. 6 months ago, I decided to get out of my dollar (100 Yen) store B6 size planner and get a big ‘ole desk planner. I am now the mom of 3.  I have more to plan and there is just more to keep in order.

desk planner

What I neglected or rather learned the hard way, is that I need to put things in my planner that will keep me organized for the long term. Planning 3 years at a time seems to be a good time frame for me. My visa expires every 3 years and since that is the most important date in my life right now, I think that will work best as my “plan into the future” marker.

As a SAHM I am responsible for keeping the family organized. When to make a bento for a field trip? When are uniforms changed for the season? When do shirts need to be starched for a meeting? I thought it was so hokey before I had my family, but now I get it. Sending your child to school without a bento on a field trip could easily stay with them until middle age and send them to therapy that may not be covered by their insurance.

So right now I am looking to get out of my spiral notebook style desk planner and into an A5/6 ring style. This is a serious game, this planner stuff. If you are drawn to the fancy stuff(as I am), a Filofax can cost you between $40-$300 easy. Now I won’t kid you. I am heading that way, but I want to try the 6 ring system out before I make that kind of commitment.

Look what I found!6 ring planner

A real leather 6 ring binder. It is literally a piece of leather with binder rings. Nothing fancy, but it will allow me to try out the 6 ring system and see if I like the size of the pages and the ability to change the order of the information. It will also allow me to do some more pretty planning in my leisure(yeah right).

I found it on Amazon for about ¥1,8000.

If you want to try a 6 ring system, I think this is an excellent idea. You can also find a storage binder that will lay flat and plan out of that for a while. It is a win win situation. If you like how your planning goes after a few months you can use it as a storage binder once you upgragde. If you hate it…..well it only cost you a few bucks.

Another cost effective piece to this is the inserts. Most of them are not that pricey, but to be stuck with all of that paper if you hate the ring system won’t be fun. The solution? Printables. At first I was totally annoyed. I am a DIY Queen for many things, but for some reason this was not working for me. I kept searching and found PrettyFiloPlanner The weekly printable insert is just $3.00 and it is the gift that keeps on giving. I only print a month or two out and use them. They are undated so I can stop and start whenever. If the system works, I can print out a whole year’s worth, if not, no love lost.

weekly layout

I hope I fall in love. I never want to experience the shock and trauma of missing something so serious and important ever again. Immigration worries are not fun!

If you have a planner binder, system, or A5 inserts that you would like me to try out contact me via kamiyatara@gmail.com

Be Well,

Tara K.

6 thoughts on “Change of Plans

  1. You will Love it!!! It´s really easy to get addicted to planners , I started using a DIY generic kind in January this year and…… I already have 5 of them LOL 2 filofax(1more on the way don’t tell my hubby ), 1 erin condren and 1 midori style… and you know what, I adore them hahaha It’s an expensive hobbie but it makes me happy and It’s really helping me to stay organized 😀

  2. Hi, Tara —

    I love your take on things. You took a brave new world and made it better. Best of luck to you and yours.


  3. Tara, I am soo sorry that you had to go through the immigration thing…and I am glad that everything worked out…I just discovered you on Youtube and I’m a new grandmother of one…you are doing a good job at taking care of your babies…I will pray for you….

  4. Hi Tara, I hope all is well with your beautiful family. I love seeing the pictures of you children. They are so very precious. Thank you so very much for sharing you family and its adventures with us. 8~) I have a request of you. You are free to deny my request if you want. I’m am trying to buy something here in the US, without success, that I know is definitely available in Japan. I’m learning to make miso soup and my husband and I love it. But I don’t have the little strainer thing that you put in the pot to blend the miso paste into the soup. Would you have any suggestions. I have exhausted all my resources here. Thank you so much for all your help. 8~)

  5. Hey, You can find them in the Asian Markets. Try your local China Town or Korea Town if there are no Japanese communities. If you can not find them there the Wholesale market definitely has them. Perhaps asking a restaurant that you frequent if they can get one for you. Best of Luck and thanks for reading.

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