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Breast Feeding
Breast Feeding is Classy!

Only a week and a half with baby and I am feeling drained. My hormones have me crying at least once a day. I smell bad, and my hair looks like a nest of some kind. Not that these things matter in my new mommy world at the moment, bu it seems that I am nursing him around the clock. The other night, rather than lose it, I opted to try 2 ounces of formula so that I would not break down in tears like a single teenage mom living in a trailer with no heat.

Well, even though I felt guilty it worked and so I thought, until my breast pump arrives perhaps I could give myself a break with this formula/bottle dance for a few nights so I tried it again last night.

The result; my baby threw up ½ of the formula and after crying for 30 minutes out of guilt I decided that I am truly a 100% a breast feeder and I’d better deal with it. In addition to my guilt I’ve discovered that bottle feeding is undignified.

When I breast feed, obviously it’s from my breast. It’s calm, neat, and efficient. Not to mention a bonding experience coupled by weight loss and restoration of my original uterus size. There are no spills, dribbles, or spit ups. I enjoy a dignified experience with my baby and don’t have to run for a burp cloth or cloth diaper after he drinks my milk.

Once I introduced the formula/bottle combo to My Baby I realized that I was in a different world. I was welcomed into bottle land with dribbles, spills, too much air in the tummy of My Baby, spit ups, and at times a flow of milk that was so fast he would gag.  Could this be the normal bottle experience?

It’s been a while since I was around an infant, but as I think back to brothers and sisters I seem to remember about the same scenario. I am not one to get overly political, but I highly suggest breast feeding to moms. It’s not easy (I think I made that clear with my opening  at the beginning of this post) but very classy to feed from your breast.

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