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Thank you for visiting  I currently live in Aichi, Japan and blog about my experience being immersed in the culture, product hauls and shops in and around Japan, and my family too, of course.

I welcome visitors to look around and reach out to me here or through social media.

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9 Responses to Contact Tara Kamiya

  1. Vicky Sun says:

    Do you still have your wedding dress

  2. Tara Kamiya says:

    Yes, in NY in my dad’s basement.

  3. ang says:

    Is something wrong with your website? I have added my email address many times, but there’s always an error message.

  4. Tara Kamiya says:

    I am getting the same crazy messages on my end too. I have a blog redesign under way. Hope you can stick with me as I upgrade. Thanks for reading.

  5. Bibi says:

    I really like your blog! It is so interesting to read about the Japanese culture from the eyes of an outsider!

  6. Luli says:

    Do they help w ur kids

  7. Luli says:

    Does ur husband have older bro’s
    Or sisters.

  8. Tara Kamiya says:

    Yes one older brother.

  9. Tara Kamiya says:

    Yes they did when we lived there.

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