Cosmetics in Japan

Japan=The Cosmetic Capital

Japan must be the cosmetic capital of the world. There is everything you can imagine here. There are products that are specifically for Asian women. Unless there are Asian women where you live I am sure you will not find some of these products.

  • eyelid glue
  • whitening face products
  • face shrinking product

These things are some of the funniest to me. Why? Because I think they take away the exact features that make Asian women, well…look Asian. Features that I feel are beautiful.

The funniest out of my little list has to be the face shrinking. There is nothing that is going to shrink your face. Surgery is your only solution which Korea has already concluded.

The things that are great about Japan is that they have such a high respect for skincare that the products overall are awesome. They are also very expensive. I tried to go buy just a simple cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer. There were so many options all over $10U.S. each! Now perhaps I am cheap, but this is a little pricey for me.

Check out my YouTube review of the skincare line that I ended up with and be sure to subscribe so you can catch part 2 after my 1 week of using the product.


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I am a personality blogger of Japanese & African American marriage and motherhood. Featured in the U.S. on Four Weddings Season 2. For product reviews, speaking engagements and appearances please contact me via email:
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4 Responses to Cosmetics in Japan

  1. Andrea says:

    I have one question: What are you doing about your hair????????

  2. Tara Kamiya says:

    I am so glad you asked. Thanks for reading my blog. I will do a post and a video on this soon. Subscribe to youtube for updates and I will get it out as soon as I can. Be Well.

  3. Hiroko says:

    You have cheap skin product and not good quality. Not used by many japanese woman. Have you tried tatcha?

    I have to order Tatcha now because i am not in japan now. I am in LA but its best product.

    Hiroko ^^

  4. Tara Kamiya says:

    Thanks. I am interested in things that work for me cheap or expensive, doesn’t really matter, especially since I am not Asian. I will take a look at Tatcha. Thanks.

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