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Please use the dictionary!

We are not even going to talk about why this is funny as hell.

I found this T-Shirt when I was in the shopping mall this weekend. Now we all make jokes about “bad English” tees, but I never thought I would come across one in 2012.  What I don’t understand is why nobody in this company thought it would be a good idea to spell check. I wonder if I called the company and told them that I was terrified of flying and this shirt gave me an anxiety attack if they would compensate me in any way.LOL

Basically I wanted to share this with you because it is part of my life here and it is super funny to see how wrong the English can get. I will take pleasure in showing you as many Engrish signs and shirts as I can.

Have a good laugh and a good week!


3 thoughts on “Engrish = Japanese English

  1. This is so wrong and plays right into the sterotype! Right up there with Flied Lice!

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