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Little Magic!
Little Magic!

My Sweet child is the brown one on the left.

This was Alex’s first recital. He is 3 years and 8 months old. The poor thing was sick all week and had to perform Saturday afternoon. I was nervous that he would be nervous and not perform. How wrong I was. He had the biggest smile and did his routine like a big boy.

I was in tears….I kept saying, look at my baby. It is an out of body experience to watch your child perform I swear. Knowing that he did it all by himself without knowing where his mommy was.

The performance was on a Saturday afternoon and the auditorium was really hot. It was a pain in the butt trying to juggle my 1 year old and all the media equipment and my pregnant stomach but it paid off.

We are so green, my husband and I missed his first performance when he had on his uniform. We may try to get a clip of that from one of the other parents, but this one stole my heart. The little costumes and how happy he was. I am so proud. The kids all did a great job and it shocked me that the teacher was no where in sight. In NY schools I remember the teacher coaching from the pit or off to the side. Amazing work by these sweethearts.

After the show I made his favorite foods and just hugged and kissed him until he turned red.


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