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So, I am preparing to upload my Maternity Clothing videos and I started Crocheting!

crochet baby beanie
My First Crocheted Hat!

This is my first project. It came out nicely I think. Never mind the fact that is was supposed to be big enough for my one year old son. I decided to try a hat since I could not find his this morning. It started off slowly but then my knots actually started to look like something.

Crochet Practice Hat
Two Practice Strips Before a Try

I kept going even though the hat was turning out smaller than I thought.

Now I will go back and see what I did wrong and make a hat for my 1 year old. This one will be for my newborn baby due in April.

It is amazing what you can focus on when there is less foolishness going on. When I was pregnant with my first son I have to be honest. I sat around after work watching reality TV shows. I watched them right until my husband came home about 11pm. Shameful!

I had to tell myself it was ok because I had worked that day, but looking back I am annoyed at how much time I wasted on that mess. So now I study Japanese, Crochet, and take care of my 1 year old son. It is starting to get really cold, but I hope I can get in a few more days of walking with my son around the neighborhood. I really enjoy walking and being from NYC it is in my genetics.

I am so excited about my new, or rather, developing skill. Crochet has always been on my list. I guess now this baby has me focused enough to actually create something. If things go well I would like to make gifts for my 3 other cousins pregnant in Japan and if things go really really well I would like to make gifts for my 4 cousins pregnant in America.

Ah. Babies, Babies, Babies.

Be Well.

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  1. Hi Tara!

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    You may have mentioned this already, but have you made friends with any of the Japanese women who have interracial children. In Tokyo, at least, the number of Japanese women in high heels pushing African-Japanese babies around the city was mind-blowing. Their partners were usually men from West Africa who’d come to Japan as unskilled labors with hopes of remitting money back to the continent. The Japanese women seemed very lonely and confused about raising an interracial child. 何にと思いますか?どうゆう意見をありますか?Please personally email me if you want.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

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