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5 Months of Ram Year Gone

Goodbye May.

I welcome June. May was really meaningful for me. My baby girl is now two months old and I am starting to really enjoy my family and get back to my motivated mogul self. We had a lovely family day on Wednesday which is why I did not blog. We went to Little World and it was so lovely. It is kinda like the walk around the world attraction they have at Disney. You can eat food from the different countries and see the dwellings of various native peoples from those areas. Our favorite was Turkey and Germany.

I set some goals for myself in May and I am so excited that I moved on them and I am actually getting things done. I am working, writing, blogging, and soon you will see me upgrade this old girl so that you can see my pictures a bit better. I actually have a really nice smoking hot camera. Shame I had no idea what to do with it for 3 years.

Hey, but you guys know my story by now. I had my kids back to back and that was a priority, to get them born before I qualified for social security. Now I can spend some time nurturing my online self and having my ego stroked by(now)thousands of people all over the world. I love you guys!

So my goals going forward. Keep on keeping on. Stay positive. Plan to win. Inspire others. What else am I here for? When I watch all of these people on YouTube and listen to these speakers, I realize that anyone with a pulse can be an inspiration. We need to inspire each other, help each other. I just heard bad news about another bully situation that ended in suicide. I just think, damn, where was his lifeline? The internet is making it easier for us to help, but it is also making it easier to hurt. What are you doing? Half of the year is gone, are you inspired?

Let’s look forward to the next 7 months to get something done. Let’s say, ‘yup I did that in 2015. Me and this crazy black lady living in Japan telling everyone they can do it.’

Be Well!

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  1. Hello! Lovely blog…I love the line where you say – anyone with a pulse can be an inspiration! Brilliant!! You are sooo correct! Thank you! From the UK!

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