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First Sugar

I hope you guys are still following us. It’s definitely hard to keep up. Currently, we are in the second leg of the grandma tour. First stop was in Brooklyn to visit my dad and his wife. This is where we had his birthday get together and took some really cute photos of his first birthday cake/sugar experience.

Since we are moving to Japan in a few weeks, we decided that it would be a good idea to go see my mom(grandma #1) in Florida so that is where we currently are. Last time we were here for Thanksgiving and we had our first Disney experience.

It is so cool to be able to say that your grandma lives with Mickey Mouse. I am sure the kids will appreciate that more between the ages of 5 and 10. Not a large window if you think about it. After that age then they will probably appreciate grandma for Daytona Beach more than anything else.

We are having a great time! Especially since it was 55 degrees when we left NY, and here in Florida it is about 85 degrees everyday. I laugh when I see the weather report. 17 straight days of 80+ degree weather. It makes me sick to think that we will probably have to get on the plane with our coats when we return to NY.

It’s Spring Break down here so the beaches are nuts. We decided that it is not a good idea to drag a baby to the beach at this time. We have been enjoying mom’s house and we plan to go do some family stuff Saturday.

So for now that’s about it. Leg three will be our flight to Japan, and our final destination for who knows how long.


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