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Last Year
Last Year

If I were back home I would love this time of year. Nice and warm inside the house, piles of snow to play in, lots of comfort foods and awesome smells.

I like the seasonal food being served, but everything else not so much. New Year’s is pretty boring. I am a party person, music, drinks, laughs and such. Going to temple is pious, but not much fun. Also the comfort foods are not a part of the holidays. Fried Chicken is popular for Christmas in Japan, but that is about it unless you roll with the Gaikokujin community where big pieces of meat and hefty side dishes are in circulation. This year I am going to try to waddle to a friend’s house. She is not American, but she has the right idea in terms of holiday celebration. The crazy thing is I do not celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I have nothing against the food for those particular festivities.

Osechi is good, which is the traditional New Year’s holiday meal, but not comforting.I am making the best of it. This year since I am pregnant we cannot run off to warm places like we did last year.

The great thing is that my pregnancy is going well. I feel energetic and various body parts are not leaking.LOL I was also able to find a lot of the comfort foods from home online through the Gaikokujin communities that I have gotten into recently.

I stopped making resolutions, but I do have a special miracle I need performed. Getting this driver’s license before my new baby arrives. Aye Japan!




5 thoughts on “Great Time of Year,…….in America

  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I know how you feel about spending the holidays in Asia. I’m doing it again this year and I definitely miss things like comfort foods from back home. It can be tough.

  2. I noticed that you said that you are the party type but I hope you are being careful with the baby. I am a born again Christian and was wondering if you know Jesus as your Savior because you may really need him in times to come especially if you are in a foreign land. Be safe

  3. Wonderful to see and hear your you tube videos, it gives me some hope, my brother is married to a Japanese lady, but she is not nice at all, which makes her hurtful and hard to deal with, your videos are wonderful, congrats to you both on your pregnancy.

  4. Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy! You have such a beautiful family, and I love reading about your life. Peace and blessings to you!

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