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Fireworks in Japan
Fireworks in Japan

Fireworks are legal here!

We had a great time setting these off in the yard. My two year old is now afraid of everything after his first hanabi session but hey, he’s 2!

It was great to enjoy the nice cool night in Japan just enjoying the show orchestrated by my husband. These were some pretty good ones to come from the $1 store.

Obviously there is no 4th of July in Japan, but we still took the same week to enjoy these with the family.

Lately I have been crocheting. It is a lovely hobby when you are a housewife and you have children. Problem is that I cannot seem to get thick cotton yarn here. Everything is the width of Ramen!

Never fails….this week I am shopping for plane tickets to go home for the holidays. I will be shopping until I drop just because there is so much I cannot get here. In Japan I am a 3x in shoes! Good Lord it is laughable.

Anyway, the family is good, I am happy and THANK GOODNESS(once again i have to say it) that it is hot.

Have a great day!



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