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I have been blogging for one year!

Japanese Temple
My Temple in Japan

My first post was this time last year.
Wow, what a year. I have not been perfect, but I made it!
Looking to the future I am excited about blogging more often, learning how to trick out my blog with all types of fancy social networking and links. I also want to fill in the video portion of my blog as well as the other pages.
There are so many things that I want to accomplish this year. As the months start to roll by I realize that time is going to pass so why not do something with it. I stopped doing resolutions years ago, but I do make a “To Do List”, you may find it interesting:
1. Continue my Japanese study
2. Become more consistent in my Buddhist practice
3. Put My Baby in swimming classes
4. Grow my business
5. Grow my blog
6. Be kinder to My Honey when he has no clue
7. Be angry less
8. Buy better quality shoes
9. Read more
10. Invest in the future
Some things are kind of vague, but the theme is not putting these definite terms on things. I once put on my list, become conversational in Japanese. Well, that is a tough goal. I can converse fluently with a 2 year old, did that count? *smirk*
It’s all about making progress. As 35 approaches in a few days, I am starting to rework my ideas about life and what I should have. To be honest, just to be married with a child is a humongous accomplishment for me. I thought that 3 years ago I would be a cat lady on a Japanese farm. Now I am changing diapers and sharing my life with a wonderful man.

Cheers to me! And cheers to all my readers for following me after many weeks of not getting a post and through typos uncorrected!

Happy 2012 Readers

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