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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!!!!

  1. Oh noes!

    I just died.

    Is that a mound of brown rice that’s been molded into the shape of a cake and topped with strawberries?

    So much for a Costco sheet cake.

    And my four year old nephew is a food allergy monster, too–dairy, soy, and nuts. It’s difficult to feed him when you’re out and about. EVERYTHING, and I mean e-ve-ry-thing, seems chock full of some combination of those three things. The positive is that he simply can’t eat much processed food, but it does take a toll when you just want to feed him a quick bite. Plus, even if you’re vigilant, some well-intentioned, but nevertheless unsuspecting person, always ends up offering him some form of contraband (usually cookies) and then you’re left dealing with the allergic fallout.

    Anyways, I always enjoy perusing your blog. I’m in Korea, and I never tire of seeing how other black woman contend with life in Asia.

  2. OMG, your baby is SHOO adorable ! He is a looker 4 sure ! All dem ladies better watch out :P.

    I’m a day late, but Happy Belated Birthdaay ~ !

    I love the cake.

  3. Thanks for reading, and yes it is challenging. Thank goodness for those allergy tests. Now I tend to keep 2 oranges on me just in case and we always bring a bento for my son. Unfortunately people do offer bad stuff. But for me it is really scary because we have to rush to the emergency room. I am nervous everyday he goes to school; milk, soy, wheat, cheese, eggs are bad stuff for us right now. Be Well.

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