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We made it guys, it is the last month of the year. Feels like I have been living here a year, but is really around 7 months.

It is cold inside, Christmas stuff is all around us, and I am 20 weeks into my pregnancy.

Watch my YouTube video to find out what this is

This is a hard one. I got some strange pregnancy skin condition and my baby kicks me like he has some demands, but I am happy.

My mother in law is getting well in the hospital after another operation (hopefully the last) and we are planning to renovate the old house we are living in.

My son gets funnier and funnier as each day goes by. He speaks Japanese 95% of the time and he is building associations. The other day he saw a star and called it moon. Moon, which by the way he thinks belongs to him.

I am planning to upload a Maternity Haul on my YouTube channel. You can subscribe to the right of the screen from this blog.If you are interested in pregnancy in Japan now is a good time for you to stay in touch with me.

It is almost time for me to make my plans for the new year. My son starts preschool in February so I will be excited for that. Still need to decide on some other goals for myself and my family. Obviously language is at the top of my list.

Do you make plans for the new year?

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