Tara Kamiya


Coney Island
Spring has sprung!

This week is so cheerful. I hear children playing and smell good food cooking. I don’t celebrate Easter or Passover so I had no idea that people would be on vacation this week. It is so nice to be in the neighborhood this time of year. I love watching the ‘Ten Commandments’ on TV every year. It truly is a funny story if you watch it and think about it. The acting is priceless and it really shows the nature of man. The story speaks to any people of any religion.  I also hear that Coney Island will be open on the weekends starting now and there will be some new rides. I am so psyched, it seems that spring has sprung!

Everyone is getting ready for their respective holidays with joy on their faces. No, the Easter Bunny won’t be at my house, but I may buy some Easter candy. Sugar has been the devil on my shoulder for years, so I give in from time to time. Once I reach my 6 weeks postpartum, I will have to fight harder than ever.

I promised you guys that I would post my pics in June and I will. Hopefully earlier. I really want women to see what you can accomplish physically when you keep a sane diet while pregnant. Losing the baby weight does not have to be a chore if you eat like a human during your pregnancy. I hope to show that to the ladies out there soon. Stay posted!

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