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I’ve been wanting to do this forever. Unfortunately living in Japan did not make “Happy Mail” possible.

North Carolina
All mail to North Carolina

What is Happy Mail? It’s snail mail that I get from you guys to show on my channel or gifts.

What isn’t Happy Mail? I am not soliciting. Merchandise received for promotion is something we would have negotiated or agreed upon beforehand. Anything sent without prior conversation will be considered a gift which means that I may or may not show it on my channel.

In the past many people have asked where they could send something for myself or the kids. Unfortunately I just did not have a place. Now I do!

I’m excited mostly because I love snail mail and look forward to setting up an exchange. Maybe Valentines…maybe birthday cards. I hope this turns into a fun way for us to communicate. Especially since I have been away so long. Do you like Happy Mail(snail mail)?

Have a great weekend!

-Tara Kamiya

Send promo materials and gifts to: Tara C. 13000 South Tryon Street Ste F- 186 Charlotte, NC 28278

One thought on “Happy Mail!

  1. That was a great read!! I got our son (Japanese American from LA) and his girlfriend (black American from Jersey) gettin together in the Southland following you and your hubby’s trails several miles behind. They’re lookin to tie the knot as they save up some hefty pennies. You look at people like Naomi and Rui making big time statements in the sporting world and you’ve got to say life is pretty good out there with a little hard work and strong commitment to succeed at all costs!! You’re a trailblazer, I see that!!

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