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Birthday Cake

Hard to believe that we have been here as a family for 4 years!
The time of adjustment was rough. For me it will be a lifelong process. I have never lived in a small town and that alone is like being on the moon. Let alone being in a small town in another country.

Everyday I am learning more about how to survive here.

How do I get my needs met as a woman with afro textured hair?

How do I find food from other countries?

How do I interact with other cultures?

I am finding answers to all of these questions. I am also answering some new ones.

How to I find other blasian children?

How can I earn more and do business with little ones?

How do I maintain my sanity when everyone needs me?

Two months into 2016, clarity is becoming a reality. The lens is less foggy these days. When you are thrown into a situation like moving to a new country within a month’s notice you forget how smart and resourceful you really are.

This month we are especially busy because the majority of our friends and family have birthdays this month. I am going to be 39! Goodness, I am so excited. I think I was born 30, so it feels right to be here. This age suits me so well. I am still full of wonder and innocence in some regards, but I am less fearful. What will people think? What if this…what if that? Thank goodness that time is over. And on top of that I feel good. I am in good shape and I will start doing more exercise once I finish weaning our 1 year old. I would love to nurse longer as suggested, but it just does not fit with our lifestyle. I need to get on the move. I have projects to complete of my own, and my other two children need to start some homeschooling.

Many other foreign moms in Japan send their kids to international school to keep up with their English. I am a natural teacher and I have the skill set so it makes sense for me to teach them English at home. I also want to get the kids started on a consistent schedule learning piano. Something I can also begin teaching.

There are literally two and three birthdays every week for us in March. We are also throwing a party. On top of that I am meeting with an illustrator. Yes! I am working on a book. Big things are in the works. March is the month where I have been known to blog the most. Looking back over my blog, I see there are quite a few posts. My dream is to blog everyday. I guess I may just try it without announcing. That way if I miss a day, you guys won’t eat me alive for failing.Haha!

As far as festivals on the island, March in Japan is all about Hina Matsuri. I have some really amazing video that I hope I can put together for a You Tube video. March 3rd is the actual day. People display their dolls in the front window of their homes and stores also have them out for display in the front of shops. The dolls are in traditional clothing with white porcelain faces, but they have also begun to make character versions. The Hello Kitty one is so cute!!

I know you will have an awesome March. The first day of spring is just around the corner.

Be Well,

Tara Kamiya



3 thoughts on “Happy March!

  1. Well happy birthdayS to you guys 🙂
    It is great you have so many projects.
    I cannot send my daughter to French school so I homeschool her since she is too but starting April it will be more organized!

    Cannot wait to hear about all your projects!

  2. Lady T, you are finding your way. Everything is so possible -( I tell my self daily )I enjoy your blogs, I wish I was a better writer. I will be married 3 yrs. Come April 2016 and I am from the islands but he is from the US so still learning a lot. I am a mother of 3, I am a boutique owner, Natural hair care stylist, and wife ooooooh no sleep!!!! All is well as time goes by, so make your dreams come true think outside the box be weird be different and just do it!! I hope to write more. My Instagram is mixedwithhoneycom
    By the way your blogs and videos help a lot of people, Have a happy birthday enjoy your family. Thank a bundle ,blessings- good night.

  3. Thanks! I will check it out. I see you girl! Thanks for reading and checking in on my social media.

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